Strange Times Triple Deluxe BLACK Vinyl

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Strange Times Triple Deluxe BLACK Vinyl

For the purists who prefer their vinyl black ... we have a limited number of this album on black, heavyweight vinyl, instead of coloured. All other details as below.

We’re thrilled to announce the release of a deluxe, re-mastered, 3-disc version of Strange Times, fully authorised by the band. In stock and ready to ship.

This brand new package features 3 x heavyweight, coloured vinyl in a triple gatefold sleeve featuring new artwork by guitarist Reg Smithies. The album has been re-mastered by Guy Massey (who undertook the Script of the Bridge restoration) and cut at Abbey Road by Frank Arkwright.

Previous vinyl versions of Strange Times were compromised by the running time of the LP (at least ten minutes longer than any pressing plant recommends). So, for the first time ever, the main album has been split across 4 sides playing at 45rpm with the bonus tracks on a separate disc.

Full Tracklisting:

Side 1:
Mad Jack

Side 2:
Tears (Original Arrangement)
Soul In Isolation

Side 3:
Swamp Thing
Time / The End Of Time

Side 4:
In Answer
I'll Remember

Side 5 (bonus tracks):
Tears (Full Arrangement)
Inside Out

Side 6 (bonus tracks):
Ever After
John, I'm Only Dancing
Tomorrow Never Knows